Introduction to Mid Century Phicen

Welcome to Mid Century Phicen! This first post will discuss the premise of the blog.

I come from the superhero action figure world. In the past decade or so, companies like Hot Toys have revolutionized action figures. When I was a kid there were Megos. Just look at the difference.


2. CA HT

Things have really changed!

But I’m a real comic book READER. While I’ve admired the Hot Toys type action figures, I’ve never collected them.

Very recently I learned of the generic doll market behind the Hot Toys type dolls. The main company in this market is Phicen, a Chinese company that sells bare dolls. On top of that, they are seamless except the hands, and they have a steel skeleton:

3. pbox4. ss

Phicen claims this technology mimics about 90% of real human movement. That is pretty amazing, and is what got me interested in this new doll technology.

But what really caught my attention was photos like this:

As you can see, this borders on photo-realistic. This totally caught my attention.

So, I gots me a Phicen and started to accessorize it. First thing I realized is that people that buy Phicen’s are pubescent boys, or grown ups with the same mentality (I exagerate, of course. Phicen buyers are generally great people!). Most accessories fall into the following categories: war, fantasy, superheroes, sluts, and prostitutes. Here is a screen cap of random images that come up under Google image search of “Phicen”:

6. random

As you can see, it appeals to a very specific taste. This blog reflects my quest to find a different way to use the Phicen dolls. What way that is we’ll pick that up in the third blog post.

Thanks for reading!





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