Puppy Dog Tails ‘n Sugar & Spice

This is my first major diorama effort. I was inspired by this mid century design house:

retro-room-divider-planter mid-century-entryway

Then I found this pink sectional on ebay. The Seller didn’t know if it was really 1/6 scale, but I took a chance because it looked so cool. Luckily, it is 1/6 scale!


From these two sources, the diorama idea unfolded.

I’ve been inspired by these three amazing mid century diorama artists: Maryann Roy (Flickr, WordPress), Morrison’s Furniture Studio, and Carolyn Allen (Fickr).

The incredible outfits were designed by:

Fire Coral was by the incomparable Matisse Fashions.

The Cream Polka Dot dress by the wonderful SC-limitededitions on Ebay.

The Lattice Dress outfit was by the amazing Margellendollstyle on Etsy.

Thank you to all the Sellers who sold me various hand made items I used, too numerous to list here!

I give you: Puppy Dog Tails ‘n Sugar & Spice…Please Enjoy!

(click on an image to open the Gallery. Click the little ‘x’ in the top left or the black background to close the Gallery and return to this page)

10 thoughts on “Puppy Dog Tails ‘n Sugar & Spice

  1. Don, I’m loving that Pink Sectional and the Floral Chair too. What a wonderful find! The pictures all look amazing. The Set-up and placement for everything is so well thought out, thank you so much for the link to these pics, I am enjoying them so much :o) Roxanne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Roxanne! Thanks for posting a comment! That is so nice of you and I appreciate it! Yes, the furniture is incredible! The pink chair is from Maryann Roy, who I link above. She does AMAZING dioramas and I can’t get enough of her work.

      It’s hard to see, but there is a little chair in front of the front window, and that is one of Maryann’s pieces as well, as well as the flower wall clock. And she did the other pillows as well.

      So nice to hear from you, Roxanne! Thank you!



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