Proper Viper

This and the next several posts will be a photo diary of my progress with this hobby. Proper Viper is my first ever photo shoot.

Initially, I had 1 Phicen doll. I bought the Viper outfit from the company Very Cool. I like green, and I like Madame Hydra, who Viper is a spin off of. Here is an image burnt in the minds of all comic book readers of my age who read comics when they were kids. Jim Sterenko (the artist) is a legend for images like these:

Then I got really lucky and was able to acquire a Maryann Roy set called “Proper” from a pair of sets called “Prim and Proper“.  A coffee colored couch! I want one for real! This is an amazing and treasured set, and you’ll see its pieces used throughout all my photo shoots.

I went and got some foam board, set up Proper on a wood table, and sat Viper on the Proper couch. And there you go.

What is quite amazing is that a couple of these images look like a photo of a real person if you don’t look too closely at the details. This was enough success to encourage me to continue.

Please enjoy Proper Viper:

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