Sister Chairs

She’s a decent girl, works as a secretary in an office (remember, it’s 1958!). She saved her money for her beautiful new Lattice dress and matching bag. Wouldn’t you know, her sister is a world-class super villain, Viper, who teams up with Dr. Evil to fight James Bond.  But even super-villains need to come home now and again to catch up with family and friends…

After studying the work of the great people who’ve influenced me, I stocked up on more carpet fragments, tile pieces, and various other props. Many  of the props are one-of-a-kind (OOAK). I thought OOAK was a company the first time I saw it on Ebay! LOL! These items are made by wonderful people who sell their wares on Etsy and Ebay. The internet making capitalism real again.

In the meantime, I made my second major furniture purchase, a matching pair of OOAK vintage chairs inspired by none other than the glorious Maryann Roy:

This Monogram loves her Fireside set!

The chairs were crafted by Kathleen Hancock who has an Etsy store UniversalBuildingSet. Kathleen did an INCREDIBLE job on the chairs. They are light-weight but solid as a rock, and fit the figures 100% perfectly. Like Proper, you will find them randomly gracing the photo-shoots. An upcoming project will be designed to feature them, so stay tuned in for that. Here are some of the WIPs Kathleen sent as the chairs were being assembled:


Kathleen WIP 7 Kathleen WIP 10


So with my new chairs in hand, the Lattice outfit, and my various props, I took the experimenting up one more notch. I learned one important lesson in all this: angles don’t photograph well; keep everything straight lines.  I got what I consider the iconic photo for the Mid Century Phicen blog (1st image in the set).  With all that said, please enjoy:

Sister Chairs

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