I tried to get one step more sophisticated and carved a window in the foam board. Having read diorama instructions around the internet (like here, here), I got outside the box and found some jewelry as props (the tiki heads).

Meanwhile I acquired the lamp from the 50th Anniversary Jonathan Adler Pink Label set:


I loved the shape of the lamp, but found the pink color totally garish. I found a blog where a person had painted it black. I purchased it with the intention to do just that.

I then found a colorful, inexpensive scarf to serve as makeshift drapes. The scarf too was very garish in its color, and, strangely, matched perfectly the pink lamp. So I didn’t paint the lamp black but instead decided to set it all up as is.

The whole thing is over the top colorful. I find, looking at the result, that it actually works! The color that is. There is too much texture and it needs to be balanced out by some flat surfaces. Another lesson also learned: trim things out.

The other important item to mention is the Gold Acryluxe Chair by Maryann Roy that I had acquired from the TinyFrockShop.  This amazing little piece will appear throughout my photo shoots too.

Now that her sister has left for an exotic South Sea Island to try once again to conquer the world,  she kicks off her shoes (wonderful shoes supplied by Zieben and the great people over at Nouveau Toys) and relaxes on the couch, and wonders if, maybe this time, her Sister will be successful. Or maybe she is just thinking about what to have for dinner?

Please enjoy: Curtains


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