Late Night Martini

Draping a scarf was a start, but I wanted something more realistic looking, so I studied how to make little curtains…with no sewing! Things get trimmed out. I learn: shelf liner is your friend. I’m realizing better the role of the props, so I go on a tear for more props. Here are shout outs to some of the wonderful people who supplied important props at this point:

Martini set courtesy of Dawn Anderson at OneSithSense on Etsy.

Green plants courtesy of Erika at ArtAndMinisByErika on Etsy.

Hanging Lamps courtesy of Marilynne at Mystic-Designs on Ebay.

The Twig Plant courtesy of Thomas Matthew at LeftyCreationz on Etsy.

All four do wonderful, amazing work!

(In the interest of full disclosure, I have no connection to anyone I list on my blog. I list people here because I love their products, want to make it easy for others to find their web sites, and just generally want to encourage this kind of grass roots market place. I am in AWE at the talent that is out there!).

This set up I would consider my first minor diorama.

Here’s the story….

Maybe she’s stress out that her sister is a world-class super villain. Probably not. Not really, actually. She’s just relaxing after dinner following a long day at work, enjoying a Martini and listening to Bert Kaempfert’s Orchestra playing on the Hi-fi (thanks Spitfire!). She’s thinking about giving her girlfriend a call tomorrow….


(For a Full Fun Effect, start the video then view the images!)

I give you Late Night Martini….please enjoy!

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