Maria Angela’s Glamour Shots

In the Hot Toys world of Super Hero Action Figures, everything is mass-produced. You see something you like, even if its a part of a commercial figure (like Captain America’s shield, for example), all you have to do is wait until someone sells a “loose part”, and you’re good to go.  “Kitbash” is the technical term in the 1/6 action figure hobby world. Not so in the world of OOAK! One of a kind means one of a kind! It sounds dumb to say it out loud. Call it my learning curve if you must.

After acquiring Fire Coral from Matisse Fashions, I came across this amazing Matisse Fashions mid century outfit:


So I inquired if I could get a Phicen version. Short answer: there wasn’t any more of that fabric.

Holy OOAK, Batman! 😥

No worry, she had other fabrics. So it’s not an exact replica, but the design is the same, only the fabric is different. And dare I say, I like the new fabric better! (Clouds part, Heavens open, Angels sing!). Brenda at Matisse Fashions called the reboot outfit Wild Sage. As our little story unfolds, I think this name will be more than prescient!

The head sculpt is a rewigged Crimson (back story here) from Flirty Girls Heroes of the North series (product review here).


The face is clearly of a Latina/Hispanic flavor, and so our model will go by a good mid century Spanish name: Maria Angela. She is not Crimson, not by a long shot. But she does have a secret connection with one Angela Del Toro, who isn’t even born yet! All to be revealed soon.

For the 1/6th crowd: this is not a Phicen, its a Jiaou doll (great review by unicron9 here).  Here is my super quick review of the Jiaou dolls: They are slightly skinnier than the Phicen, which makes a difference for fitting clothes. They do not pose as well or as naturally as a Phicen. They are not quite as “sticky” as a Phicen, and dress slightly easier.

So please enjoy: Maria Angela’s Glamour Shots:


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