Dodie’s House

I consider this my 2nd major diorama (1st major one is here). This time I was inspired by these two photos:

Braesvalley3 bmcm003

The idea was to combine them so that when you walked through the above front door, you would see the living room in the second picture. Not exact reproductions, mind you, but the general gist. As you will see, I textured mine different from the photos.

The main new technique this time was to try my hand at 3D printing. That’s where the floor lamp came from.

lamp 3D

I’d call it a partial success. It could look more realistic, and it’s quite fragile. But the shape is perfect and it blends nicely in the setting.  Still, I’d prefer real wood, metal, and cloth.

For new items, I picked up a wonderful Maryann Roy stool called “Be Seated” from the Retro Candy Collection on sale at Tiny Frock, along with some other Maryann Roy furniture that will appear in a future diorama.

The outstanding new items are the custom couch and divider/planter.  This diorama is intended to showcase these awesome pieces. They were custom made by the super talented Samantha Murry at MiniPlacesStudio on Etsy. She was really great to work with. I sent her a single low resolution photo of the planter and she was able to convert it to a real 3D piece! Simply amazing!

In addition to featuring Samantha’s custom pieces, this diorama also features Kathleen Hancock’s custom chairs I first described in the Sister Chairs blog post.

For a list of where some of the main props came from, please see here.

The story thus far…

After visiting Angie, Dodie is home having a pensive day. She worries Angie’s might know about Elly’s sister Viper.  She tries reading but can’t get into it. After sitting, cleaning, and pretending to play The Price is Right, she begins to feel better.

Dodie’s suspicions however are confirmed when she receives a visit from a beautiful mysterious stranger who brings tidings of warning. They have a brief out-of-body experience together, after which, they need a drink. Then they’re visited by a monster of sorts, and become great friends before saying good bye for the moment.

Please enjoy Dodie’s House: (with musical accompaniment, click here then view images…)

4 thoughts on “Dodie’s House

    1. LOL! She’s a “lil monster” alright! I was lucky she didn’t knock the setup over! LOL! Thanks for commenting, Sue! So nice to hear from you! Best, Don


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