The New Girl in Town

This is my THIRD major diorama! (#1 here and #2 here). I was inspired by this image:

dio4 idea2

The theme this time is very “woody”. Since we only see this view, I made the remainder up.

In addition, I’ve got a few new things going on:

First and foremost, I actually made the the couch and pair of chairs! The couch was inspired by this image:

make thhis 9a

Supposedly this is an Adrian Pearsall Craft & Associates couch. It looks like it could be, but I couldn’t confirm that it is.

The chairs were inspired by OOAK chairs made by 21catiacreations on Etsy. I loved the design but not the fabric, so was motivated to make my own with a fabric I liked.


Second, I broke down and got an Integrity Toys Victorie Fashion Royalty doll.  The clothes selection for FR is so much greater than the Phicen dolls, with a huge and diverse market of OOAK outfits .


The cartoonish FR doll makes a rather strange juxtaposition with the ultra-realistic Phicens.  But the contrast appeals to my comic book mentality. I took shots of the FR by itself, the Phicen by itself, and shots with both, so please enjoy to your taste.

Third, I’m highlighting an OOAK FR outfit from the outstanding designer Rebecca of Rebeccafashions.  I am absolutely enamored with her sense of color and style. She uses very bold and striking color combinations that I find delightful.  Her work can be seen at the Rebecca Flickr site and I suggest you go enjoy her art if you’ve not seen it yet. Here is the outfit from her site:


Finally, as a sneak preview, a couple Annie Morrison pieces are used in the diorama. Other new accessories were picked up on ebay.  The couch lamps are a $5 salt and pepper shaker set!  All that said we can turn attention to…

The story thus far…

Viper’s back! Having disappeared after visiting home, Viper meets the mysterious “Madame H” at a secret undisclosed location. Madame H is definitely not a good girl and being up  to no good is what she does best! Madame H warns Viper of a mysterious cat lady named Maria Angela who is seeking to thwart Madame H’s plans.  Little does Viper suspect these plans involve her sister Elly!… (to be continued)…”

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy There’s a New Girl in Town!

(PS for suitable musical accompaniment, please click here!)

(PPS The final 12 pics are BONUS PICS from the practice sessions that I thought came out nice.)

8 thoughts on “The New Girl in Town

  1. Hi Ronda! So nice of you to stop by! Thank you for all the great comments in the pictures! That is very kind of you! About the wood, it is balsa wood, which is cut with an Xacto knife, so not such a big deal. Thank you for all the great compliments about the furniture and the pictures and everything else! I hope you have been well! Best wishes!!! -Don


      1. Hi Ronda!

        Yeah, if you get “high density” balsa wood, it’s pretty strong. It takes a little more time to cut than low density, but isn’t that big a deal. There was some debate on the internet whether it stains or not. As you see, it stains perfectly well. I used prestain that helps it pick up stain more evenly.

        So great to hear from you!



  2. Absolutely lovely I kept expecting Viper (her real name?) to shoot her or wrap her whip around her ! I live all of the nick nacks . Being a child of the sixties growing up in the early seventies some of the items just chime with me.


    1. Dear Delanie
      Thank you so much for stopping by to look at the photos and for such kind comments! LOL! Yes, a couple of the pics give the impression “Madame H” is about to get axed! But I just couldn’t go that far with the story line! 🙂 It sounds like we grew up in the same era. I think that is part of the reason why I am today so fascinated by mid century styles. It got into my psyche growing up. I’m really glad you can appreciate it too! And thanks for the nice compliment about the accessories too!

      All my best!



  3. Wow! I am honored to have you include the AG lamp in your diorama. Such imagination and attention to detail. I too grew up in the same Era and I recognize the furniture and decor of my childhood and I love it. If you ever do a store/boutique diorama, there are some nice pieces from the AG line that would add to the 50/60s decor. They would be a smaller scale, but a door or window would add a lot of depth to the view. (Just an idea.) Thanks so much for including me in your little world. I look forward to further invitations. Terry


    1. Dear Terry! Hi! Thank you for coming to look at my diorama! That is very kind of you! And all your compliments are so nice! Thank you! I so wish the AG stuff was 1/6 scale! They have some gorgeous mid century pieces. I got the New York Loft set just because it looked so cool. I am hoping I can find a way to use it eventually but it is so big compared to the 1/6 scale I am currently using. Thank you for the suggestion about the store idea. I will keep that in mind as I think about future projects. Yes please come back any time. I probably post 1-2 times a month. Not too often because it takes a lot of prep time for each diorama. Again, Terry, so nice of you to stop by! Thank you again! -Don


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