Autumn’s Coming

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is a set of practice shots I thought came out nice enough to upload.  I’m gearing up for my next major diorama and these photos are practice for that [Side note: In my Coming Attractions post, I called this a new “Pink and Blue” theme. Well…it’s evolving… 🙂 ]. When the new one comes out, I will probably just call it “Autumn” hence today’s post – a preview of sorts – is the coming of Autumn. There are a few things going on here:

1. I made the furniture! (Again! Yay!)
The couch was inspired by this real couch, a Poul Jensen designed “Z” Sofa for Selig, which had been for sale on Ebay.


The chair and foot stool were from this image that I found perusing the internet for images of mid century furniture. I have no idea what this is and had only this single image to go by.


The wonderful fabric for the furniture is Harris Tweed handwoven in Scotland. It was purchased from Handmaiden UK who were super great people to deal with.


Although the fabric is really gorgeous in the photos below, you can’t see it close up. In person there is beautiful detail, including subtle black flecks that are amazingly beautiful.  This detail did not photograph well, so here is a close up of the fabric so you can see it:



2. A new outfit from Rebecca!
Our Bold and Beautiful Designer is back with a stunning mustard brocade FR outfit! Here is the original one she made.16935336094_c75606b515_o

I asked if she could remake this but she had to use a slightly different fabric. Here is her photo of the remake.28973877515_3fbd21455a_k

The purpose of today’s practice session was just to see how the furniture photographed. But then, I couldn’t help throw in the new Rebecca outfit!

3. The Accessories
A. The Teak veneer table and Parisian Park Bark cloth pillows are more of Annie Morrison’s AMAZING 1:6th scale furniture. I am in absolute AWE of Annie’s work.

In addition, Annie offered me some advice about flashbulbs (turn them off!) and lighting. I tried to apply her advice…I think (I hope!) to good effect. THANK YOU, ANNIE!



B. The little plants are from SueBee’s Miniatures on Ebay. I think the plants are supposed to be 1:12 scale, but they worked well as small plants here.

All that said, let’s get to…

The Story Thus Far

As summer ends and signs of autumn fill the air, our mysterious Madame H contemplates her next move…

Please Enjoy Autumn’s Coming (click here for a musical accompaniment to enhance your viewing pleasure!)