Autumn’s Here!

Hi Everyone!

This is my FOURTH major diorama (#1 here, #2 here, & #3 here).

Here was my inspiration image:


The main element I took from this was architectural: two rooms connected by a door and by the big open windows. I used none of the interior design elements but instead went with Autumn themed colors because, well, it’s Autumn!

My hand-made yellow furniture and Rebecca’s wonderful Mustard outfit, along with several other elements were discussed in the Autumn’s Coming post.

The new items this time include:

A Stunning new outfit from Matisse Fashion! She called the outfit Phicen Love! It’s made from a wonderful brocade fabric for which I searched high and low so as to reproduce Brenda’s original outfit (I found a pretty close match from a fabric store in India, PureSilks. Namaste!).

Brenda shows her sheer seamstress genius by perfectly converting the outfit from Fashion Royalty to Phicen! The outfit goes on the Phicen so easy! For you Phicen collectors out there, you will know exactly what I am talking about and should instantly be jealous! 🙂

The original outfit by Matisse Fashions.


The WIP photo of the outfit converted to Phicen style.
The WIP photo of the outfit converted to Phicen style.

I also made the console. It was inspired by the following image. However, the design morphed as it went, but I am still happy with the final product.


I’m continuing to roll out the incredible pieces I got from Annie Morrison. There are four tables, a plant stand, the couch pillows, and a mid century wall hanging. And of course, we can’t forget the cigarette pack and ash trays!:


Another significant piece makes a cameo appearance in this diorama. I picked up a GORGEOUS Harper Chaise Sofa from Kathleen Hancock at UniversalBuildingSet on Etsy.  This piece only makes a cameo this time, but a future diorama will be built around it. The fabric color is unbelievable!


As to our new girl, who I am unimaginatively calling “Pinky” for the moment, she is a Play Toy Steam Punk Emily head sculpt (gotten from Monkey Depot) on a mid breast tan phicen body.


The wonderful champagne shoes are, of course, from Nouveau Toys.  All the lovely jewelry is from lovelygirlstore2010 on Ebay.

Other items of note:

1. The authentic Mid Century Bakelite Jewelry Box goes perfect with the color scheme! This was purchased from East Nashville Beat on Ebay.

2. The wonderful hand-made fireplace was purchased from staceydel on Ebay.

3. The monkey lamp from Lorraine’s Dollhouse Miniatures on Ebay is a Warren Richardson original 1:12 dollhouse lamp, but these work well as small 1:6 lamps. I just love this lamp. Little monkeys! What a crack up!

4. There is a new floor plant, hand-made from mooncity-crafts on Ebay. The Artisan did a fantastic job and it looks totally mid-century to me. I don’t know why, but it just does!

5. Finally, no mid century decor is complete with out Tikis (thank you Josh Agle!)! I want to give a MAJOR SHOUT OUT to Angie, who is based in the Netherlands and sells at uniquemini33apk on Ebay.  I ordered the Tikis from Angie and she was such an AMAZING SWEETHEART! Two of them made it into this diorama. She offered some really great suggestions on how to display them which I hope to incorporate into future projects. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND checking out her super cool and cute miniature items on Ebay! Thank you. Angie!


And with all the introductions out of the way, we can tell…

The story thus far…

As Autumn comes and the leaves change from green to beautiful shades of red, yellow, and pink, Madam H goes a callin’ to Pinky’s house to further spin her web of intrigue. Secret plans are discussed. Pinky is all in. To seal the deal, Madame H does a mysterious light ritual with an orange perfume bottle. Madam H is exhausted after the ritual and Pinky goes back to reading her Life Magazine. Madam H reads Vogue. The die is cast, the trap is set….(to be continued).

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy Autumn!

(And if you wish some appropriate musical accompaniment please click this link) (This is a nice runner up song!)

Autumn Teaser

Someone’s looking out the window to check and see if the leaves are a changing. And the answer is YES!

Here’s a little teaser of the AUTUMN diorama that I will be posting in the next couple days.

Madam H has gone a’calling to her new friend’s house! Who is this new mystery girl? Please join me soon and meet our special guest star!

Please enjoy and I will see you soon!