TV Blues

Happy New Year, Everybody! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  Vacation provided me free time to put together another diorama. This one is called “TV Blues”.

There are several new things going on:

First, I made a 1/6 scale Kagan Floating Chair! Mine’s upholstered different, but same design. I was lucky to find measurements online to make a true 1/6 scale of the original!

1729852_lSecond: This was the first Fashion Royalty OOAK outfit I picked up last summer and have finally got around to using it! This lovely outfit was by Nashas, who has a store on Etsy. She calls the outfit “Summer White” and I think it is just so elegant. Here is the photo from her original Etsy posting:


Third, I picked up a wonderful 1/6 scale mid century lamp from ONESIXFURNITURE, also on Etsy.  The purple is perfect in-between the blues and the warm colors in the scene.


Next, the scene is sprinkled with AWESOME props from Annie Morrison, from MorrisonsFurniture on Etsy. These include the magazines, Lucky Strikes and lighter, and ashtray filled with cigarette butts! Yuck! I LOVE IT!

Also, the fireplace painting, which is a vintage replica of a B. Manion cityscape, is kind of from Annie too.  I say “kind of” because I purchased this from her but hers was too small for this scene at 4.75 inches across. So I made one of my own at 7 inches long, which looks more realistic over the fireplace. Nonetheless, this is Annie’s concept through and through and I am just a humble copy cat.


Also, I have to say, I’ve become quite enamored with the plants sold by kenneth9134.2007 on Ebay. This is the red and yellow potted plants in the scene. I also used some of his plants in The New Girl In Town diorama. They are quite realistic looking and the color combinations are awesome.

Finally, for the BIG NEW ITEM! (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)!

I discovered Amatheria on Ebay selling dollhouse TVs at 1:12 scale. Amatheria was nice enough to make me a 1/6 scale version. Most amazing of all: THESE LITTLE TVs ACTUALLY WORK (you can see his demo on YouTube)!


I really want to thank Amatheria for a REALLY AMAZING JOB on his 1/6 working retro TV set!

And of course,  we can’t forget our story thus far:

After recruiting Pinky to her mysterious cabal, Madame H heads home to enjoy a nice martini and take in some movies…

Finally, a little musical accompaniment while you view the photos!

Please Enjoy TV Blues!