AM Dreams

Welcome to my 5th major diorama! (#1 here, #2 here, #3 here, #4 here)

I call this one “AM Dreams”. However, “AM” does not stand for “morning” but for ANNIE MORRISON! This diorama was fashioned to highlight and show off the AMAZING furniture set and pieces I picked up from The Great, The One and Only Annie Morrison (Facebook, Web Site).

I don’t want to go off on how much I love, am inspired by, and in awe of Annie’s work. My effusiveness would be embarrassing. Instead, I’ll let the images speak for themselves, and hope I was able to fashion a setting that pays appropriate homage to her great work.

The items from Annie include the green furniture set, all the tables, the clock, pillows, ash trays, cigarette pack and lighter, and the abstract pair of wall hangings. The sailboat painting was made by me, but was inspired by Annie’s inimitable style.


There is also other great stuff going on in this diorama:

The Broyhill Brasillia hutch/wall unit is from the incomparable Maryann Roy! This piece is absolutely amazing! It is very authentic compared to the original, seen in the following photo and also seen here.


The wonderful new outfit is from Margaret Fletcher of Margellen Doll Styles. You may remember Margaret made the Lattice outfit for my Phicen doll of the same name. Here is the WIP of the pic she sent me:


I have another outfit from Margaret that will be featured in an upcoming diorama, so stay tuned for that!

I’ve mentioned before, but have to mention again Dawn Anderson from OneSixthSense on Etsy. The wonderful plant arrangements were made by Dawn: the brown pottery one and the one in the Asian planter, as well as the pair of Aspen candles. And of course, the Martini set! I just LOVE Dawn’s work. It’s so detailed and perfect in every way!

I’d also like to give a shout out to Savannah Teel of SavvieStudio on Etsy. Savanah made the cute mid century mini-plant stand that is in some of the pics. Plus, the beauty of this is that its a real plant and I am displaying it all the time, unlike most of the pieces that go back into their boxes until I use them again. Great job, Savannah!


One last major item to mention is the room divider/planter that I made…from coasters! The coasters are laser-cut birch wood from PlywoodDecorShop on Etsy.  They came all the way from Ukraine! It was an experiment that I think worked fabulously! The way the coasters stained was interesting and beautiful.


Finally, I anticipate doing other photo-shoots with various re-skins of this diorama setting, so please be on the look out for that.

All that said, we can tell Our Story Thus Far:

Dodie gets a new dress and celebrates by getting toasted on Martinis!

So…without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you AM Dreams!

(Here is optional musical accompaniment for your listening pleasure.)