Madame H Goes Admiring

After posting my preview yesterday, I finished one item today – the lamp – and made significant progress on the 2nd item, the record player.

The lamp was almost done, just needed to redo the shade. In the process I broke the shade holder! LOL! Thank God for Gorilla Glue and super sculpty!

The new thing I tried this time was to use home made decals on the record player. You buy the decal paper, run it through your ink jet printer, wait 3 hours, spray the paper with gloss acrylic, wait a day, then supposedly it’s ready to go.

Well…it works! The decals were ready to go and I think they worked out really well. You can see them in the record player images below. My only regret comparing the recreation to the original is I should have used a gray color instead of pure black. This is because the letters faded on the original so it appears gray. OK, I’ll remember for next time.

Overall, I am very happy with how both of them came out. What do you think?

Meanwhile, our story thus far

(please note, I got this new thing going on I learned from Flickr. I caption the images and tell more of the story there too):

It’s 1958. Dodie is one of the lucky few that has this new-fangled thing called a credit card. Her very rich boyfriend got it for her. Dodie had one too many Martinis and went shopping. Dodie, drunk as a skunk, called Madame H and invited her over to see her new stuff.

Here is some appropriate music for the occasion.




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