The Welby House

Welcome to my 6th major diorama! (#1 here, #2 here, #3 here, #4 here, #5 here). Welcome to The Welby House!

It’s been a while since posting a major diorama. This is because I’ve been busy with 3D printing. Below, and in the dio of course, I’ll show the 3D prints I made.

Because of the variety of accessories, this is my biggest photo shoot yet with 122 photos. I took the photos over several days and did several variations of the interior with different furniture setups and accessories.  There are some interesting shots from beginning to end, so I hope you will give all the photos a look.

There were two sources of inspiration for this design. The first is kind of silly and whimsical. This is the Welby Cordless Electronic Decorator that was sold circa 1960.

I originally saw this in a 1961 magazine ad being sold on Ebay and became obsessed with making a 1/6th scale version. As I worked with the design I got the silly idea that it could also be the design for a fancy pair of double doors. You will see this in the photo shoot below.

The other inspiration was this image:

This was some random mid century image I found on the internet, but I fell in love with the design and incorporated it into the diorama.

Now on to giving credit for all the other wonderful items I used in this dio.

Three wonderful and amazing outfits grace the dolls in this photo shoot and I want to give major shout outs to the doll clothiers who crafted them. I strongly recommend patronizing all three if you are shopping for top quality 12 inch doll outfits.

The pink Fashion Royalty outfit was from Elena Peredreeva’s ElenPriv shop on Etsy. This includes the amazing leather purse that came with the outfit. Elena is a doll to deal with and everything about the purchase from her was super classy!

The blue dress on one of the Phicen dolls was from Peggy Naugel at RFBdesignsbyPeggy on Etsy. This dress was made for Fashion Royalty dolls but with some velcro in the back, I was able to fit it on the Phicen doll. Peggy too is a real doll and a great pleasure to deal with.

The absolutely amazing peach and tan floral brocade outfit was from Elizabeth at Nashas on Etsy.  Elizabeth also designed the FR outfit I used in my TV Blues diorama. Elizabeth was kind enough to make a Phicen version of her Tan-talizing outfit. This is one of the highest quality outfits for a Phicen I have ever seen. For you Phicen collectors out there looking for super high quality female clothes, I strongly recommend inquiring with Elizabeth about a custom outfit. You will be super happy.

Like my last major dio, AM Dreams, the super star for furniture in this dio is again the amazing, one of a kind Annie Morrison from MorrisonsFurniture on Etsy.  I’m addicted to Annie’s sixth scale miniatures. That’s all there is to it. I’ll admit it. I’m an Annie Morrison junkie! LOL! There is too much of her stuff used in the dio to list it all here so I just took a photo of the items I used:

Do you get the impression I like her tables? LOL! The pink chair is simply amazing. It features prominently in the photo shoot below, as it should. How I feel about Annie’s incredible work can be seen if you click this link.

Another important furniture piece in the dio was shown briefly in the Autumn’s Here! dio. This is the Harper Chaise Sofa from Kathleen Hancock at UniversalBuildingSet on Etsy.   This piece, in some ways, totally made this dio. I hope you’ll agree when you see the photos.

Two gorgeous pieces I got from Maryann Roy make appearances in this dio. The first is the Broyhill Brasillia hutch/wall unit I used in AM Dreams. This piece is just so good it had to be included in the Welby House. The second piece, a chaise set, only makes a cameo appearance in this dio. The photo shows the blue variant but I got the pink variant as you’ll see in the photos.

There is also a blue mid century chair I picked up from freestylenow on Ebay, who makes and sells wonderful 1/6 mid century items. I show the back here to show off the great mid century design of this piece.

Ametheria’s working 1/6th scale TV set, used in the TV Blues dio, also makes an appearance in this dio too.

Many of the magazines and all the ashtrays are from Annie Morrison.

The martini wares and gorgeous orange flower bouquet, items I’ve used before, are from Dawn Anderson.

The comic books were from PetiteGiteMiniatures on Etsy.

There are a number of vintage Barbie items throughout for you Barbie fans out there.

Id’ like to give a shout out to Kae-Miniatures-Gifts on Ebay, a vendor from Thailand who sells wonderful 1/6th scale food, flowers, and other props. They provided the Chili Paste Fried Mackerel and Mango Bingsu Ice Shavings (you know…totally common mid century dishes. LOL! ) as well as a great orange flower arrangement to add vibrant color to the dio.

The new girl in the dio comes from a DAMTOYS Combat Girl Vicky Female head sculpt (DCG002, for those interested in picking one up). Vicky is too young, and too butch, to be in this dio. The dio uses her Mom, Patsy…Miss Patsy W. from long before Vicky was born in the wild Summer of Love at Woodstock…

FINALLY! (whew! what a long intro!) Here is a shot of all the 3D printed props I made for this dio. Some were discussed previously.  What is new here are the two pairs of lamps, the two all-brass magazine racks, the scaled 48 inch Herman Miller Nelson Bench, and the black and brass clock. For the Nelson Bench, Herman Miller has 3D files of many of their furniture pieces if one wishes to download and scale them for 3D printing.

And now, we can get on to Our Story Thus Far:

Having recruited Pinky to her notorious cabal, Madame H introduces Pinky to her boss, the glamorous and elusive Miss Patsy W. They meet at Miss Patsy’s house to hatch their nefarious plans and take in a Audrey Hepburn movie while enjoying exotic Thai food…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Welby House!….(with musical accompaniment…)