The First Among Them

This post is special for me because I get to show off my new grail Poppy Parker called Summer Magic. This was the first Poppy made. Not only is she the first, I find her one of the most beautiful too.

For this diorama, I made a new furniture piece, a 1/6 scale Mel Smilow Walnut Case Lounge Chair.  If you want a real one, you can get it here for a mere $1950! Mine is not exactly the same proportions since I scaled mine to allow Poppy to sit with her feet flat on the ground.

For the outfits, one of them is an OOAK outfit from a Russian doll seamstress I found recently on eBay named yana_k_83 (link to her Ebay shop). I loved the retro feel and the colors of this outfit!

Summer Magic Poppy’s outfit comes from the 1997 Barbie Millicent Roberts Collection called Gallery Opening. This was an exclusive for members of the Official Barbie Collector’s Club back then but can now be gotten easily on Ebay.

Finally, I’ve seen photos where people have dolls or dollhouses for their 1/6 scale dolls. This is a cool idea and I wanted to copy it. I discovered the 1999 Hallmark Keepsake Barbie Christmas Ornaments that scale almost perfectly to 1/6th of the 1/6th scale!  The one I chose is the first Barbie, so that also plays into the title of this diorama.

So…without further ado, let’s get to our story thus far..

After waking from her exotic dreams, Poppy invited some friends over for a visit. However, something was odd…a small visitor…a spy perhaps?

Please enjoy The First Among Them (with musical accompaniment if you wish)…

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