Poppy’s Dream Houses

Today’s images are not my usual diorama style. Instead, I used the same method I did for Queen Poppy of Nabu so I could showcase some of the “new” outfits I’ve picked up for the Poppys.

First, I still can’t get World at Her Feet Poppy out of the Hollywood Hostess outfit. Hollywood Hostess is one of my all-time faves and I have to soak it for all I can! I promise eventually I’ll get World at Her Feet Poppy into another outfit! LOL!

Snow Stopper Poppy is back and this time she’s swingin’ the vintage Francie (Barbie’s® ‘MOD’ern cousin!) Vested Interest outfit (#1224 for all you product number geeks!)

IT Airways Poppy is gracing herself with pieces from a Kari Michell Designer’s Choice multi-outfit pack:

Finally, Gold Snap Poppy is wearing the lovely La Boutique Designer Fashion #35.

While I’m on La Boutique, I want to give a major shout out to Sharon who runs Abby s Doll House and goes under srbarbie30891 on Ebay . Not only is she a gem to deal with, but she’s super nice as well. I’ve gotten several older La Boutique outfits from her, all in absolutely pristine condition.  She still has several older La Boutique outfits at her store if anybody wants to snatch them up. Since these are hand made and limited edition they aren’t available all the time, and it’s smart to get the ones you like when you see them.

With all of that said, we return to Our Story Thus Far:

After their happy night in, the Poppy’s each went their separate ways, back to their Dream Houses where they started planning their next Big Mission under the commands of Madame H.

Without further ado, please enjoy Poppy’s Dream Houses! (with musical accompaniment)