Waiting for Prom Night

This is a small photo shoot that uses one of my all time favorite Poppys called Model Living.

ML Poppy is wearing the black dress from Holiday in the Hamptons Poppy.

I’ve been looking for a decent 1/6th scale car, but they are hard to find. For the moment, I found this Bratz Remote Control 1962 Corvette made by MGA Entertainment and released in 2007. It is one of the better toy cars I’ve seen so far. Unfortunately, it’s 1/8th scale and so a bit too small for Poppy. I tried to hide that fact in the photos, the success of which is up to you to determine. I was surprised to find a Youtube unboxing of this car here.

Which leads us to our story thus far…

In between spy missions, Poppy was invited to the Prom. She takes a few photos before she’s off to a night of fun, dancing, and maybe a little danger!

Please enjoy Waiting For Prom Night (this set of photos is too small for music!)

2 thoughts on “Waiting for Prom Night

    1. Hi Ronda! So nice of you to pop by! Thanks for the comments! Yes, it’s been busy for me too. I just started vacation and am hoping to take some of the time to get to a few photo shoots I’ve been wanting to do, but too busy to do! I hope you are well and recovered now! I’ll look forward to talking more soon!


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