The Bobbsey Twins

This post is a little different from my usual posts and is a photo essay comparing Fashion Royalty and Barbie outfits!

Everyone in the fashion doll world acknowledges the pioneering and seminal role of Barbie. It interesting to see how the past Barbie fashions have resurfaced in different variations in Poppy Parker and other Integrity Toys fashions. This post looks at just a few of those influences that I have noticed in my relatively short time in this hobby.

Poppy Parker Hold That Tiger is a homage to the vintage mod Barbie outfit Two Way Tiger, not only by name, but in the general design of tiger stripes in bold colors. The lime green of the Barbie outfit even made it into the leggings and accessories of Poppy’s outfit!


I was intrigued to see the similarities between Poppy Spy a Go Go and the vintage Barbie outfit Intrigue. Not only do both come with bold gold coats (not shown here), but the dresses have similar designs with metallic netting on the blouses, round belt buckles, and gold metallic skirts (the Barbie outfit used to be gold, but has faded with time).

Another similarity I found was between Poppy Sweet Confection and the 1967 Francie outfit Iced Blue. Both are frilly blue and white outfits with white lace hose. Ice blue is modeled by Poppy Summer Magic. Sweet Confection is modeled by Sunny Slickers Poppy.

Another similarity that jumped out at me was between Poppy Parker The Happening and Barbie’s Silver Sparkle. For these shots, I couldn’t bring myself to debox my Happening Poppy. Silver Sparkle is modeled by Raven Mood Changers Poppy.

Next, I found a Barbie swimsuit clone  in a color very close to Summer Magic Poppy’s original outfit.

The 2011 Mission Control Imogen outfit (modeled below by Gold Snap Poppy) reminds me of the dress included with the vintage Skipper All Over Felt outfit (modeled by Snow Stopper Poppy, who is using it as a blouse!).

Finally, the last pair isn’t related to Barbie influence , but are the Poppys modeling the matching outfits from the 2004 Fashion Royalty collection. I love the argyle sweaters. World at her Feet Poppy models the Vanessa Perrin Shock Bonbon outfit, and IT Airways Poppy is modeling the Adèle Makeda Graphic Language outfit.

And that concludes today’s post. Thanks for looking!

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