Groovy Girls

This post shows off my recent Poppy acquisitions. No dioramas, no furniture…just a straight up doll photo shoot…

Integrity Toys just had its annual convention Integrity Toys 2019 Convention: Live From Fashion Week (link is to the wonderful Fashion Doll Chronicles write up of the event). The convention celebrated the 10th anniversary of Poppy Parker.

Needless to say, there were tons of new Poppy dolls and outfits. I acquired three of the new Poppys and some related outfits.

The new Poppys that struck my fancy were:

1. Fab Poppy and the Cherry Pop outfit

2. Far Out Poppy and the Styled Wild outfit

3. The redhead Head’s Up Poppy.

I picked these up on the after market, which was relatively expensive, but in truth, cheaper than going to the convention!

In addition to the new Poppys, the photo shoot also showcases Ice Blue Poppy from the Looks a Plenty gift set.

That said, let’s get on to Our Story Thus Far:

During her mission crossing the space-time continuum, Ice Blue Poppy inadvertently caused a rift in the dimensions! When she got back to her own world, she found three new Poppys who weren’t there before she left! Like her, the new Poppys had exquisite taste in clothes! They all hit it off splendidly and became super Groovy Best friends!

So without further ado, please enjoy “Groovy Girls” (with optional musical accompaniment)