Aqua Girls

Today’s post continues Far Out Poppy Parker wearing the remainder of the outfit from Mid-Day Venture Lady Aurelia Gray. This time Poppy wears the jacquard cocktail dress and faux-fur wrap.

In addition, there was a lot of pent-up demand (pent up in me! LOL!) for a number of other items I’ve been waiting to use. Let’s go through the list:

First, the Atomic Bar is a little masterpiece by a spectacular maker of mid-century miniatures. Beth sells her wares at her Etsy shop, The Atomic Doll. Beth is absolutely prolific with the variety of amazing 1/6th mid century miniatures she makes and I strongly recommend you check out her shop!

Next is the amazing Aqua outfit from the famous and prolific seamstress of 1/6 scale fashions, Elena Peredreeva who runs the well-known Etsy shop Elenpriv. If you don’t know of Elena’s work, then you are obviously new to the hobby! I got the whole ensemble with one particular Poppy in mind: raven-haired Mood Changers Poppy.

The outfit, of course, required matching jewelry. I found the perfect set from the Ebay seller arthome123. This is absolutely gorgeous jewelry, as you’ll see in the photos below.

Some other items of note include the following ACEO painting from the very talented Michael Francis Brown. Even though it is a small element in the diorama, it played an interesting and subtle role in the photo shoot. It’s really amazing how the colors of this image worked their way into the photos, making this painting an indispensable element.

Another important element for adding color was this absolutely cute and brilliant area rug from Cher, who sells at her shop ItsPerfectlyPetite on Etsy.

Plants are also indispensable props for my dioramas and I want to welcome the newest member of my collection.  This wonderful, large potted cactus is from 12charliej-4, who sells on Ebay. Please check out 12charliej-4’s store who sells a lot of cool miniature items, including handmade outfits.

Last but not least, I finally got to using the mini records I got from littlebooksandstuff on Ebay. This seller has tons of super cool mini props and I strongly recommend checking out their wares.

And, with all that said, let’s get to our story thus far:

“The girls met in Poppy’s parents basement where there was a cool bar. The girls listened to records and danced, and had a few drinks while catching up on gossip. Poppy was still the talk of the town, about how she braved the wilds of space and time to deliver her secret message. After a fun evening, the girls shared their secret messages with each other. Shhhh…..mums the word!”

So without further ado, please enjoy Aqua Girls (and an optional musical accompaniment if you wish).

(Also, see me at Flickr)

Poppy’s Little Red Bike

Today we have another Poppy photo shoot. This time it’s Fab Poppy Parker on her Roadmaster Luxery Liner bicycle, a 1/6 scale replica from 1998:

Poppy is wearing the outfit from the Monsieur Z Doll Fine and Dandy:

I love the knee-highs! I had to swap out the shoes for something more appropriate for riding a bicycle.

So please enjoy Poppy’s Little Red Bicycle (with option musical accompaniment completely unrelated to the photo shoot!)

Kopy Kat

Today’s post is a very simple doll photo shoot of Far Out Poppy Parker wearing the outfit from Mid-Day Venture Lady Aurelia Gray from the 2019 East 59th Collection:

The shots also contain a couple pieces of amazing miniature furniture made by Alexey Volusunov who sells his little amazements at his Etsy shop WoodworkYourBody. I strongly recommend picking up some of Alexey’s art if you are in the market for 1/6th scale furniture. It is super high quality and super beautiful! Today’s photoshoot isn’t really designed to show off Alexy’s pieces, but I’ll soon be doing some dioramas to do just that.

For the moment, instead please enjoy our little Kopy Kat Poppy (and if you wish for some music please listen to my silliest accompaniment song yet):