Kopy Kat

Today’s post is a very simple doll photo shoot of Far Out Poppy Parker wearing the outfit from Mid-Day Venture Lady Aurelia Gray from the 2019 East 59th Collection:

The shots also contain a couple pieces of amazing miniature furniture made by Alexey Volusunov who sells his little amazements at his Etsy shop WoodworkYourBody. I strongly recommend picking up some of Alexey’s art if you are in the market for 1/6th scale furniture. It is super high quality and super beautiful! Today’s photoshoot isn’t really designed to show off Alexy’s pieces, but I’ll soon be doing some dioramas to do just that.

For the moment, instead please enjoy our little Kopy Kat Poppy (and if you wish for some music please listen to my silliest accompaniment song yet):

2 thoughts on “Kopy Kat

    1. Hi Ronda! So great to hear from you! Yes, I hope you are doing well too under current circumstances. I can’t help but think us doll collectors see all this as a bit of a blessing in disguise! Some unexpected free time to do our hobby! You and yours be well and safe!


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