Poppy’s Lamps

I’ve been on another 3D printing lamp making binge lately. Today’s post features three lamps. All are from reference images.

The first I call the Tear Drop lamp. I was going for capturing the texture on the tear drop body, but I don’t think it worked to well.

The second I call the Rococo Lamp. Here I got the 3D shapes on the body better, but my paint job is only a cheap approximation.

Finally, my favorite is the Atomo Lamp. This was for sale on Ebay. I didn’t want the real lamp because I don’t have room in my house for it! But I did want one for the dioramas and Poppy Parkers!

For this one, I am happy with how the lamp itself turned out, but I think the shade could use a redo, which will be easy enough to do in the future.

To show off the lamps, I concocted a little story featuring Far Out Poppy catching up on some important reading. Following is a second gallery showing the work in progress pics for the lamps.

So, without further ado, the story thus far:

“After coming back from the basement Party at Poppy’s house, Poppy realized she was behind on her reading. She has better catch up because final exams are only a week away and she doesn’t want to fail her course!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy Poppy’s Lamps (the captions tell the story)

And here the WIPS, work in progress pics of the three lamps: