Clock and a Chair

Today’s photo shoot is a potpourri designed to showcase some new acquisitions.

First is the new Hello, New York! Poppy Parker doll from the 2020 Model Traveler Collection. To make a long story short, I fixed her hair so it looks like the promo photos.

Next is a furniture piece I’ve been interested in for some time: this Danish wingback lounge chair. At a mere $3600, I decided to forego the original and instead make a miniature of it but it was beyond my skill to make.

After seeing some of her amazing miniature furniture at Beds By Star on Etsy, I asked Star Higgins if she would give it a try. She agreed and I was awed by her bravery! When I saw the final piece I was even more in awe of her skill! Here is one of her work-in-progress photos. A major intention of today’s photo shoot is to show off Star’s amazing and wonderful miniature recreation of the wingback chair.

Another showcase piece for this photo shoot is this absolutely wonderful mid century wall clock by Ronda Valleo at Miniatures from Avalon on Etsy.

There are also a couple pieces that have cameo roles that also merit attention.

The first is this super cool mid century console TV by Beth who sells her great miniatures at The Atomic Doll on Etsy.

The next cameo piece is this Chippy Heath style telephone chair by none other than the illustrious and divine Annie Morrison!

Moving on to the outfits…

I have to thank a very creative Flickr artist, Du Didier, for the inspiration. Du posted some shots of Poppy in this outfit and I had to copy him! (Something about imitation and flattery…how does that go again? πŸ™‚ ) The outfit and doll is Tonner’s Tiny Kitty Collier Fashion Forward.

I also picked up the Style Avenue Tiny Kitty outfit for Poppy.

I have a couple purple pics that seem detached from the main photo shoot but really aren’t because I used the same set up as the other shots. In the purple photos, Poppy is wearing the 2011 Barbie Stardoll Fallen Angel dress.

Purple Poppy is wearing the amazing grape-colored boots from CCS (10AW) Momoko BOTANICAL GIRL Flowerbed Snow!

Finally, a shout out for some new plants.

The first is a wonderful pair of large floor plants from one of my all time favorite mini plant makers, Erika, who sells them at Art And Minis By Erika on Etsy.

I also picked up a “large” palm plant from Joe Blank who also sells on Etsy at Hearth and Garden Minis.

With all the shout outs complete, let’s move on to Our Story Thus Far:

While Poppy was off taking her final exams, the other Poppys were hanging out, looking cool, and just loving life!

Please enjoy Clock and A Chair (with some music if you wish)

5 thoughts on “Clock and a Chair

  1. I love these! Everything is amazing; the dolls, the fashions (I absolutely have fashion envy!) πŸ˜‰ The furniture and plants are great. I am going to get something from Annie for sure. She was the first (as far as I know) to do 1/6th MCM, and I think she remains the premier talent for it all these years later. Her work is so detailed, and so realistic! I remember her saying that she had to put “This is a miniature item, not a life size.” on her listings. I believe it! I’ve only had that happen with a couple of tables and clocks. I even had one person buy the clock, open the package, and then realize that it was miniature. I wish I could have seen her face when she opened it. There was an episode of a sitcom where that happened. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, thanks for sharing your wonderful scenes, dolls, fashions, furniture and accessories. I look forward to every new post. And thank-you for the mention about the clock. It’s always nice to know where items are from. I was familiar with some of the artists, but hadn’t known about Joe Blanks’ shop. I’ll have to check it out.

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    1. Hi Ronda! Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! And especially thanks again for the amazing clock! One thing I didn’t mention about it that I really love is its size. I have some other wall clocks, including ones I made, that are scaled exactly to 1/6 and they come out too small in the photos. You sized this just perfectly so it looks great in the photos. Not too small, not too large…just right!

      Yes, Annie’s miniatures are incredible. She has very substantial wood working skills that allow her to use materials much beyond the average miniature maker. In addition, her choices in fabrics, colors, shapes, and so on is so tuned to the spirit of MCM that it is otherworldly to me! I still have some other new items from her and am planning out a big diorama to show them all off.

      Happy 4th of July, Ronda! I hope you and your family have a great day!

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  2. Don, your photography skills, and your girls, make my chair look awesome. I really appreciate the challenge that you presented me. It gave me several weeks of hair pulling topped with a deep sense of satisfaction. Thank you, Star.

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