Fire ‘N Ice..Twice!

I did a photo shoot some time ago featuring Ice Blue Poppy and Head’s Up Readhead Poppy that I called Fire N Ice. I showed it on my Flickr but not here. I recently did a second photo shoot with Fire N Ice and so am posting both photo shoots together here.

First, a couple of shout outs:

Fire wears the That Girl Outfit from designsbyjude who sells on Ebay.

Next is this very hip and very cool jewelry ensemble from our most favorite French doll jeweler Isabelle from Paris who also sells on Ebay.

Finally, there are more hints of some Annie Morrison purchases with her 1:6 scale Mid Century Modern Fireplace used in Fire and Ice shoot 1.

That brings us to Our Story Thus Far:

While the other Poppies were hanging out and looking cool, Head’s Up Poppy was so hot that she’d burn the place down! But Ice Poppy was just was too cool for that to happen!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy Fire N Ice…Twice! (with musical accompaniment if you wish).

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