Autumn Girls

Today Poppy Parker pays tribute to the glorious Autumn colors by inviting her friends over for an autumn themed get together!  But before Poppy’s party starts, I have to pay tribute to the fantastic artists who crafted the great props in this diorama.

A couple new Poppy Parkers grace my collection. One old: Agent Lotta Danger, and one new: Viva Poppy Parker.

From the ineffable Annie Morrison of Morrison’s Furniture on Etsy we have a gorgeous Nelson daybed with attached light, an amazing recreation of an Adrian Pearsall chair, and a super fun tiled cocktail table decorated with a classic mid-century design.

From Cheryl Scully who sells on Etsy at Chersfashions4dolls is a great mid century outfit, perfect for an autumn cocktail party!

Dawn Anderson of OneSixthSense on Etsy supplied the drinks for the party, a fun and colorful Apple martini, or Appletini. I perhaps took too many photos of Dawn’s Appletinis but they were so colorful I couldn’t help myself!

Julia at My Realistic Food on Esty supplied some food for the party: some mangoes, tangerines, and bananas (Poppy has a weird idea of what constitutes autumn food but the colors coordinate perfectly!). Julia’s work is immaculately realistic and absolutely stunning!

Last but not least, I picked up some gorgeous miniature plants from Joe Blank who sells at Hearth & Garden Minis on Etsy.

And that brings us to Our Story Thus Far:

Poor Poppy…her schedule is just so hectic as she goes from party to party! Never a second to rest! Today, Poppy decided to celebrate the autumn colors by inviting a few friends over for cocktails. The girls enjoyed Appletinis and mangoes, gossip and good times, with a couple new faces appearing on the scene. One of the new girls was from Las Vegas but the other new girl, pretty and demure, was tight lipped about where she comes from and where she’s going. Poppy wondered if she might don a catsuit at night and be involved in covert activities?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy Autumn Girls! (with optional musical accompaniment)