Viper Gets A New Chair!

This is a different kind of a post. Usually I post full photo shoots. Which require lots of planning and preparation and so on. Instead, today’s photo shoot is a spontaneous affair that came about because of none other than our Solar System’s very own Sun!

I’ve been busy making miniature furniture. So today’s post, inadvertently and definitely prematurely, shows off two of my new creations.

The first is something I have been wanting to make ever since I started this hobby. And that is an Adrian Pearsall Slim Jim Chair:

The photo is from here, if you would like to see more pictures of this glorious work of art that some people call a chair. As you’ll see below, I think I came pretty close to recreating this bad boy in 1/6th scale. Mine doesn’t have the fancy wood arm rests as shown in the photo. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. I actually own one of these chairs, and mine doesn’t have the wood on the arms either.

Next was this lamp that, at this very moment, is on sale on Ebay.  Once you see the asking price, you’ll know why I decided to just make a miniature of it. LOL!

Nonetheless, I just found this lamp to be so beautiful that I wanted to see if I could make a miniature version of it. I think my recreation came out pretty well, but there were and are some problems with it and I’ll probably try a second attempt in the near future.

Both of these new pieces were to be used in some future photo shoot. I have them both sitting out and, basically, drying (the paint, glue, etc). However, today when I walked in my room where they are sitting out, the sun was shining in on them in the most spectacular fashion and I couldn’t resist trying to get photos. And that is where today’s post came from – the sun shining through my window in just the right way!

As a bonus, I included some early shots of the chair with Viper doing some pretty cool poses on it.

So that’s it for this post. Which leads us to…

Our story thus far:

Viper has a strange dream of a most amazing chair with the sun shining on it. Then she wakes up sitting in the chair. But wait! Something is amiss. She is only 12 inches tall and in some kind of workshop…she wonders if she is still dreaming?

Please enjoy: Viper Gets a New Chair!

(with a little song too)

4 thoughts on “Viper Gets A New Chair!

  1. Your lamp and chair are amazing- I kept having to look back at the windo blind to keep things in proper scale! This hobby can be such fun!


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