Angie’s Fire Coral Glamour Shots

I anticipate that using the same model over and over will eventually get monotonous. You need different color schemes for different dioramas. Different faces to keep it exciting. Luckily Phicen heads can easily be removed and replaced. Phicen, Kumik, and other vendors sell the heads, called 1/6th scale female head sculpts. There are many, many to chose from. Just look here on Ebay.

Also, as I have now discovered, there are several extremely talented OOAK people who make fashion clothes for 1/6 scale fashion dolls, mainly of the Barbie or Fashion Royalty ilk. In researching the 1/6th seamstresses, I come across a woman whose prodigious output is breathtaking. Not because of the sheer quantity of designs, but of the quality of the fashions. It’s love at first sight.

She goes by the name Matisse Fashions. Words can’t convey, so I’ll let a few example speak for themselves:

b4 b3 b2

One in particular jumps out at me.  This outfit came to be called Fire Coral.


What am I supposed to do when they are all perfect? I guess just go one at a time.

Through a somewhat torturous path (thanks, Margaret!) I get in touch with Brenda, who is Matisse Fashions and see if she would be willing to convert the wonderful orange outfit for a Phicen body.  As we see below, the answer was yes. This is the first of hopefully many of Brenda’s incredible outfits to grace the pages of Mid-Century Phicen.

Our new model uses the Angelina Jolie head sculpt from CGL Toys. So it’s natural to call our new model “Angie”.  Angie’s features seemed to have the right kind of classy to go with the outfit.

I give you Angie’s Fire Coral Glamour Shots:

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