Pink & Blue Practice Shots

Here are my practice shots as I was constructing the Puppy Dog Tails ‘n Sugar & Spice diorama.  “Puppy Dog Tails ‘n Sugar & Spice” is simply a cute way to say “blue and pink”. But at this stage, there was no pink, only blue. I showed my inspiration photos before and show them again:

retro-room-divider-planter mid-century-entryway

At this point in the process, this was all I had to go by. The pink side of the equation was not yet in the picture. Aside from a more planned out diorama setup that was inspired by a real house, the new element this time was the color inkjet printer.  What would it look like if I printed the textures and glued or taped them on the foam board? Would it work? If so, then infinite possibilities open up. The trick is a high resolution image that can be tiled.

One thing that came out of this is I discovered why there is photo glue. I saw photo glue for sale at the craft store and wondered why you needed special glue for photos. I used fabric glue to glue the white brick printouts to the foam board, but I used painter’s blue tape to hold the brick on the chimney. A week later, the white brick printouts were destroyed, all wrinkled and distorted. That is why there is photo glue. 🙂  Tape works perfectly fine and is more flexible because a low tack tape allows removal of the printouts so the surface can be reused later.

In spite of the glue set back, I consider the printout textures a success.

I used Angie as the model in these shots, and so it de facto became her new house.

The story so far…

It was a fine house. It would do. She told the Real Estate Agent she’d take it. But it needed to be redecorated…maybe some blue curtains. She noticed, at one point, a mysterious red-eyed stranger spying on her. It didn’t bother her at all. She could easily deal with it. For the moment, setting up her new base of operation – I mean house – was the main priority…

Please enjoy Angie’s New House

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